Tulum, Snorkel and Cenote

Ok, imagine that  you would like to do a single tour that covers it all, that takes you to Tulum, Snorkel and Cenote place, after all these are the most well known places to visit while staying at the Riviera Maya, right?.

Ocean Tours Mexico - Tulum Ruins - Full day tour - Tulum, Snorkel and Cenote

If  You are staying in Playa del Carmen, or Cancun or any hotel in between, maybe you are in one of the all inclusive hotels or you are in one of the Airbnb´s in the city, and you really want to go to many places but you either not have enough time or you really want to enjoy the hotel and benefits of your all inclusive. Well this is the tour for you!

All main icons of the Riviera Maya in one single tour, this is really the hottest tour ever!, culture, adventure, and wildlife in one single day and for all ages.

Just imagine you go to one of the nicest spots in all the Riviera Maya in Mexico, The Bay of Tulum. In this beautiful site, you will snorkel in the Mesoamerican coral reef (the second largest in the world), where you can swim with the turtles and watch schools of more than 50 different species of fish, as well as rays.

The average duration of the activity is about 45 minutes, and believe me it`s totally worth it every single second of it. Besides the turtles which are awesome, the reef is just outstanding, the colors, and the fact that is the second largest in the world will take your breath away.

The places that you will visit in this tour are:

The Bay of Tulum

Ocean Tours Mexico - Snorkeling - Full day tour - Tulum, Snorkel and Cenote

To start with Tulum, Snorkel and Cenote excursion we will go to Tulum. In this beautiful site, you will snorkel in the Mesoamerican coral reef (the second largest in the world). Here you can swim with the turtles and watch schools of more than 50 different species of fish, as well as stingrays. A boat will take you from the shore, and before you jump into these clear waters, you can spot from not too far away the majestic Ruins of Tulum.

Ocean Tours Mexico - Snorkeling - Full day tour - Tulum, Snorkel and Cenote

You have no idea how amazing is to jump into these clear waters, you can see everything from the boat. Once you are in the water, you start following your guide which will show you all the cool spots of the reef, on the way you can see wild turtles saying hi to you, the cool thing about this, is that they are wild, same as the sting rays, they are free, and when they see fishing boats most of the time they get close to get what the fisherman used to throw away from the fishing of the day.


So keep your eyes open and you might see one or 2, or maybe more!

The archaeological site of Tulum

Ocean Tours Mexico - Tulum Ruins - Full day tour - Tulum, Snorkel and Cenote


These ruins are known to be the only ones located in front of the crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea. During the ancient times Tulum was an important port, used by the extensive commercial network of the Mayas, since the commercial maritime and terrestrial routes converge here.

A certified guide will accompany us on the archaeological tour.

Ocean Tours Mexico - Tulum Ruins - Full day tour - Tulum, Snorkel and Cenote

You will enjoy free time to take some photos and really get into the Mayan culture, this is one of the most popular attractions, due that Tulum is considered as the most beautiful mayan place due that the location where is situated is just amazing.

Arrival to Cenote Caracol

In Cenote Caracol you will swim in the crystal clear waters of a cenote, but not only that, our guides will show you a cave with lots of underwater stalactites and stalagmites,  that belong before the dinosaurs extinguished. After this activity, you will be able to taste a typical Mayan food and watch its elaboration in the traditional way, under the earth.

Ocean Tours Mexico - cenote - Full day tour - Tulum, Snorkel and Cenote

Visit of the cave

After the meal you can visit and roam a cave with incredible formations of stalactites and stalagmites, in addition to a tour of the jungle accompanied by our guides, who will explain the flora and fauna of the region.

If you want adventure, culture and to enjoy the crystal waters in one single shot, this is the tour that certainly will leave you with the greatest experience in your vacation.

This is why visiting Tulum, Snorkel and Cenote Excursions with Ocean Tours Mexico, makes the difference for all busy or people that want to enjoy longer their all inclusive while staying at the Riviera Maya.


If you are traveling to the Riviera Maya or you are staying in Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cancun or the Area, you must do this excursion!

Contoy Island a Paradise to be!


Contoy Island, is what all want to see about paradise.

If you are a nature lover and you are visiting the Riviera Maya, Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum, this is just the place to enjoy a nice day in an Island where only 200 people per day are allowed to be on it.

Paradise is calling and this is the closest of a virgin Island that you can get.

paradise Island- Contoy- Ocean Tours Mexico

Contoy Island beach


I have traveled for a long, long time, from Argentina all the way to Rusia, Alaska and all the Caribbean Islands. I also worked on cruiseships, which allowed me to know places around the world, take private tours and all, but honestly one of my bucket list places to go was this, Contoy Island.

On this excursion, Ocean Tours Mexico will take you to two of the most beautiful and best-known islands in the Yucatan Peninsula:

Contoy and Isla Mujeres.

Contoy Island is a National Park and a protected natural reserve since it is a very important shelter and nesting area for maritime birds.

It’s a beautiful Caribbean island north of Cancun with spectacular beaches. Because of it’s natural reserve status, the only building on the island is a small museum dedicated to the beauty of it’s flora and fauna. For it’s fantastic biodiversity Contoy Island is a magnificent spotting place for pelicans, storks, sparrows, cormorants, and many other bird species.


The Crew of Contoy Tour

The trip is made in a large and comfortable speedboat, it just take 40 minutes into this wonderful island of the Mexican Caribbean.

Before reaching the island, they will make a stop at the reef just south of it for an optional 40-minute snorkeling session at the tip of the largest second coral reef barrier in the world, the “Mesoamerican Reef Barrier“. Lots of fish, stingrays are there and it´s a place that only who has permission from the Mexican government can go. So your adventure to an exotic place will start here.

Contoy fish

Snorkeling in the Second Largest Reef in the World

After snorkeling, the island is just 10 minutes away. While you enjoy the breath-taking view, you will disembark on the pier next to one of the beaches where a small tranquil bay is formed, resembling a natural pool with crystal-clear waters!

The guides will lead a 30-minute walk around the island to visit the museum (optional). An internal lagoon where many bird species nest, a set of trails that lead to the other side of the island. Finally the tower, where you can appreciate the magnificent view of the entire island.

paradise-Contoy- Ocean tours

Clearest Water in the Caribbean

After all that, people can taste the local food prepared for locals of Isla mujeres. Normally is our local crew or even your capitan, so you will go for a nice lunch. They prepare a delicious “Tikin Xic” fish (a traditional recipe from Yucatan), grilled chicken, guacamole, salad, bread, and seasonal fruits.

The most nicest thing is that the fish and the chicken are spicy but never hot.  They prepare a salsa that will totally satisfy the hot salsa lovers.

Water and sodas are available on the boats at all times, and after snorkeling, so is beer.

After lunch, we will rest on the beaches of the island for 90 minutes.

You will get a chance to get a nice tan, swim in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean and see mantas.

paradise Island- Contoy- Ocean Tours Mexico

Relax in Clear Waters

You will then leave towards “Isla Mujeres”, a delightful island with tons of history. For one hour, you can walk (and maybe shop), around the small streets in the central part of the island.

We take the boat back to the Punta Sam pier in Cancun around 4 PM.


Come and enjoy an awesome and peaceful day in Contoy.

Its certainly something to show off when you get back home after your vacation.