Turtles and Cenotes tour in the Riviera Maya by Ocean Tours

Turtles and Cenotes tour in the Riviera Maya by Ocean Tours, is the most friendly tours you ever being while Traveling to the Riviera Maya in Mexico, snorkeling in a nice bay full of turtles and then getting into the jungle to visit Cenotes is just amazing!

Sometimes can be a little hard to please everyone, due most of the excursions like ATVs, or even cenotes, are a little hard for people of all ages.

Ocean Tours Mexico is a company which has being for a long time in the market, in fact has great reviews in tripadvisor and its well known around the area. They do all kind of cool activities, but for families I think this is one of the best.

If you are looking for something to do with your family look no further, this is the greatest adventure for all!

 turtles-cenotes - Turtles & Cenotes tour in the Riviera Maya by Ocean Tours

Let me describe you what is all this tour about.


Swimming with sea turtles

After they pick you up at your hotel, the guide and driver will introduce themselves, they have basically most of the languages, like English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, among others.

Ocean Tours Akumal - Turtles & Cenotes tour in the Riviera Maya by Ocean Tours

The whole tour start by  by taking you to the Akumal bay with full snorkeling gear to go into the water, and you will swim out from the beach in search of the beautiful turtles.

You will remain in the water for approximately one hour. Every day we get the chance to see around 3 different species of sea turtles.

Swimming with turtles - Turtles & Cenotes tour in the Riviera Maya by Ocean Tours

I the Underwater world you´ll get a great chance to swim with eagle rays

This is the time to enjoy the warm waters of Akumal Bay while snorkeling around the bay in search of many interesting fish and corals. We often see eagle rays, grouper and more colorful fish.

Sting Ray in ocean Tours - Turtles & Cenotes tour in the Riviera Maya by Ocean Tours

2 different cenotes (underground rivers)

The next adventure is situated into the subtropical rainforest. Where you´ll explore the unforgettable world of underground rivers and “cenotes”; Taking an easy, guided walk through huge caverns and observe natural history dating back millions of years.

Swiming in the crystal clear blue waters of these unique limestone pools and relax amongst the thousands of white stalactites and stalagmites that surround you at every turn.

cenote turtles - Turtles & Cenotes tour in the Riviera Maya by Ocean Tours

Cenotes- Turtles & Cenotes tour in the Riviera Maya by Ocean Tours

Very safe trips and excellent service

Ocean tours professional guides will make sure you feel safe and ensure and that you´ll have the most fascinating experience. Even if you are not such an experienced snorkeler or if you are not so comfortable swimming the guide will make your swim with turtles & cenotes experience unforgettable, they will make you feel safe, secure and adapt to your level.


About gettinga picture gallery to remember this unique day?

During the tour day, pictures will be taken of you while you’re snorkeling experience the photographers are super experienced, think about them as your personal paparazzi, at the end of the day you can buy an USB with these unforgettable moments in this Turtles & Cenotes tour in the Riviera Maya by Ocean Tours

Photographers on this tour are professional and honestly the pictures are amazing, it´s totally worth to get them for a really economic price, if you think about it in some other tours, a single picture cost between $40 to $120 dollars, here you´ll get all the pictures of all your day for only $40, and even if you do not want them, photographer staff always make fun to take pictures and enjoy the day!

Photos in the cenote ocean tours - Turtles & Cenotes tour in the Riviera Maya by Ocean Tours Photos cenote and snorkel - Turtles & Cenotes tour in the Riviera Maya by Ocean Tours Turtles & Cenotes tour in the Riviera Maya by Ocean Tours

The equipment that you get to do the activities is high quality equipment

This means, Full snorkeling gear will be provide,  and you can use for free the wet suit at our cenotes. The gear is disinfected and washed carefully every day. (I´m a witness of this)


Snack at the Cenote

After the cenote snorkeling activity, they will take you to have a buffet snack that includes: Fruits, pastries, cereal bar and refreshments, if you think about it it´s sort of like a half day tour.

The only thing that I recommend is to have something to eat for breakfast before you go to the tour.

Even if you did not have anything, after each activity, they normally provide something to eat,  so you can re charge energy and keep the good vibes with the Turtles & Cenotes tour in the Riviera Maya by Ocean Tours


They even offer if requested some vegetarian food. It´s important to let Ocean Tours know about it, prior of your tour.


One of the things that I like the most about this company is that they only manage Small groups – Exclusions:

Groups between 10 to 12 passengers maximum, which helps them to provide a customized experience and quality. Staff is super friendly and they can provide the best service and help.


Extra things to bring or get while you take this tour.

$10 USD for conservation of marine fauna Payable in cash only at the pickup service.

Gratuities (optional)

Souvenir photos (available to purchase)

Logo T-shirt (available to purchase)


Book your tour now!



Turtles tours ocean tours - Turtles & Cenotes tour in the Riviera Maya by Ocean Tours




* The order of Activities may change according to the weather conditions.

This is important to know due that Ocean Tours, will normally re-schedule if the weather would be really bad.



Whale Shark Snorkeling Adventure Ocean Tours Mexico


Today, my family and I went to the  Whale shark Snorkeling Adventure  Ocean Tours Mexico and it was Awesome!


Let me tell you our experience and most of all the quality and fun that we had today with this company.


Whale shark Snorkeling Adventure Ocean Tours Mexico !


We are here at the Riviera Maya in one of the nicest BNB that we could afford!, honestly everyting is great but we needed to go out, my wife and 12 y.o. kid wanted to do something cool and then we start asking what to do, until we talk to so many people and everything pointed to Ocean Tours, the best company to do Whale Shark Snorkeling! Sound scary at the beginning but it was nothing like that.


The company picked us up in the hotel that it was next to our BNB, it was early but we were so exited, our guide introduced to us and told us everything, how was gonna be the procedure here, when we arrive to the pier, and of course lots of interesting facts about the whale shark. Did you know that whale sharks have no teeth??, wow, plus they are massive. All this information give us the kick to be way more excited than we were before.


When we arrived to the Pier, Punta Sam, just passing Cancun, they offer us a nice breakfast with some fruit, coffee and some pastries, yummy and exactly what we needed to get some energy and start the day. We were so excited and wanted to just go and do the Whale shark Snorkeling Adventure Ocean Tours Mexico

Ocean tours Mexico - On our way to snorkeling with Whalesharks in Mexico

Everyone say HI!!!!


We got into the boat, our crew Juan and Pepe, were fun and helpful, but our guide Tomas, was the best. He was with us at all times. And well it took us from the pier to the Whale Shark area around 45 min to get there, but man!, the things that we saw in our way, dolphins, sea turtles, and even a Manta-ray! And the swimming with whale sharks did not started yet! Imagine that!

tour-dolphins - Ocean Tours Mexico

Just amazing being on the boat and having these 3 dolphin friends racing with us!


So we arrived to the area, and saw our first whale shark just a couple of feet from the boat, the back fin look magnificent and then it got close to us, this water was so clear that we could see the whole body of the whale shark, everyone was more than excited. So our guide, ask us to get ready to jump. 1, 2, 3, and jump…

Swimming with Whale Sharks Ocean Tours Mexico

Me, snorkeling with the biggest fish in the Ocean!

Whale Shark Riviera Maya Excursion - ocean Tours

The most amazing animal that I ever seen! Thanks Ocean Tours!


Snorkeling with Manta Rays and Whale Sharks - Ocean Tours Mexico

While we were swimming with the Whale Sharks these Giant Manta Rays came by to say HI!


We sank into the water and come back to the surface to follow our guide to take us as close as possible to the whale shark; and there it was!… Awesome, majestic, beautiful but huge!!!!!, we start swimming next to it, because of the excitement I never felt tired, I just couldn’t believe that I was snorkeling with the biggest fish in the world. All the spots, and how docile and nice they are. Of course there was a point that our speed did not compared to its speed and we had to stop. The boat came to pick us up, we go back to the boat with a smile on our face, we just cannot believe that we were there…

Snorkeling with whale sharks with Ocean Tous

It´ s like a dream come true! my wife and the Whale Shark!


Snorkeling with whale sharks with Ocean Tous Snorkeling with whale sharks with Ocean Tous

The most amazing thing is that we got the chance to jump 3 more times.. can you believe that we jumped 4 times with 4 different whale sharks, of different sizes.

My wife that normally feels seasick was so fine, although before we got into the boat, our guide offered us a seasick pill and also an acupressure wristband so she wont feel bad, and she didn’t! I think in fact, she enjoyed the most!, My son was so happy and I was the happiest of all, think about it, being in the middle of the ocean swimming with these animals, and loving every minute of it, plus your family can´t get enough of it, man! What a great deal!.

Snorkeling and Lunch in Isla Mujeres, Punta Norte

After swimming we went to Isla Mujeres to Punta Norte, (North point), to have a nice and chilled out snorkeling at the reef, and to have a delicious ceviche. Punta Norte in Isla Mujeres is considered as one of the top 10 beaches in the world

Snorkeling in Punta Norte - Isla Mujeres- Ocean Tours


Snorkeling in Punta Norte - Isla Mujeres- Ocean Tours

Playa Norte Snorkeling


Chill out time in Playa Norte- Isla Mujeres- Ocean Tours Mexico

Nothing like a beer in Paradise!


Lunch in Playa Norte Isla Mujeres - Whale Shark Tour - Ocean Tours Mexico

Traditional Ceviche, the most amazing and Fresh that I’ve ever taste!



After that they took us back to our hotel having the greatest time of our life.

Thanks Ocean Tours Mexico.


If you want to get this amazing tour for your vacations in the #rivieramaya please go to:

Whale Shark Tour


Snorkeling Team in Playa Norte Isla mujeres - Ocean tours Mexico